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We continuously improve our performance by working responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Our commitment to help our customers achieve their strategic sustainability goals, which is strongly aligned with our vision to offer best in class customer experience.

Why we talk about sustainability?

Our clients are global leaders in the medical field, forerunners of the nordic food industry and innovators in global technology. Together with our prestigious clients we work with our key raw material, plastic, which is essential in all these industries. Without it’s functionality medical field wouldn’t be able to improve the quality of life, food industry wouldn’t be able to minimize food waste and technology companies would be limited in their processes. Working with such raw material brings us responsibility to optimize and minimize carbon emissions at different stages of our value chain.

Why it’s our responsibility?

Our responsibility as an industrial supplier is to provide our customers a safe packaging solution throughout the process and keep improving them at all times.

Our environmental responsibility is split in 3 focus areas:

  • Circular economy (reusability, closed loop material recycling)

  • Advanced materials ( recyclability, renewable feedstock, material development)

  • Responsible Supply Chain (Partnership with common targets, renewable energy, efficient processes, logistic solutions)

How do we get there?

For us, collaboration and innovation with our clients is key to reach strategic sustainable goals which have direct impact on the supply chain and end user. We invest in research and development to understanding our customers needs and industry specific demands. That helps us to build an honest foundation for the sustainable work environment.

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