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Achievers and Growth Company certificates awarded to Satatuote

Satatuote has been awarded both One of the Achievers and Growth Company -certificates.

Satatuote - One of the Achievers.

Satatuote has been analyzed as a successful company based on its financial performance. The characteristics of a company that has received a Achievers-certificate are well-established operations, stable growth, good results and profitability, a strong financial structure and liquidity. Based on the key figure comparisons, Satatuote is ranked among the best companies in Finland as well as in its own industry.

Satatuote - One of the Growth Companies of 2021!

Satatuote has grown significantly over the past three years and has thus established itself as a Growth Company.
Over the past three years, the turnover of a company that has received a certificate has grown on average more than 10% faster than the average level of its main industry category.