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6.4.2020 Status for the Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

We are constantly observing the situation regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19.

At the moment, we can announce that despite the challenging situation worldwide, we have our production fully operational 24/7 and deliveries on time.

Here at Satatuote we have many daily reactions ongoing based upon the recommendations of authorities. We have increased hygiene recommendations in place, limitations regarding travelling, enhanced cleaning protocols and instructions to the employees, updated March 30th 2020 as follows. 

Where possible, we have asked all non-production employees to stay at home and adopt remote working policies until further notice.

We are taking measures to keep the right number of employess working at our both production sites. But there are no changes at the moment.

We also pay attention to our supply chain and we would like to inform you about the current situation.

Effect on delivery and logistics capability & delivery times
  • Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 all logistic implications across Europe have increased. That is why the outlined delivery dates for the applicable orders are only indicative and will not be binding for Satatuote
  • Transportation/Logistics expenses have been reported to increased due to the tighter border control and additional checks. We are committed to work with transportation costs a case by case to limit the impact for our Customers.
  • Due the Coronavirus Covid-19 overall delivery capability is going to be lower level than in the normal situation. We clearly want to state out that now it is highly important  to place the orders for the future in advance and inform us of any changes as soon as possible. 
Effect on production
  • No effect on production at a moment
Current inventory on hand
  • Warehouse levels are as normal
Impact of your sub-suppliers or your tier-2-/tier-3-suppliers
  • All sub-suppliers and 2-/tier 3-suppliers are search by mail during week 11/2020
Business continuing plan
  • Updated 13th March 2020
Epidemic prevention measures
  • Epidemic prevention measures are given to all employees by written info.
Local quarnatine measures
  • Satatuote will follow up on the situation and instructions given by Finnish authorities. Satatuote management will also, if needed, give updates to all our employees on Satatuote intranet.
Satatuote follows coronavirus info by World Health Organization (WHO): 

Further information

Heikki Marva, CEO

+358 10 833 6420,